Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So, today is my big brother Jason's birthday! ♫ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too ♫ hehehe!
I'm 30 and STILL the annoying little sister! HA...It's funny how this card came about because I know NOTHING about racing or the drivers or anything...So I had to text my Sister in law and ask her "what color is Jason's favorite car guy"...She "LOL'd" back. HEHEHE Anyhoo, I guess this guy is Jeff Gordon.  I kept it really simple because I had to fight the overwhelming NEED I have to add ribbon to everything! LOL However.........
I did INDEED use ribbon! See the flag, yep, RIBBON! ☺ And actually that ribbon was found on sheer accident on clearance at Hobby Lobby the day I was looking. Talk about shopping fate! LOVE it when that happens! But I digress, I used Everyday Paper Dolls for the car and driver. The stamp is from PaperTreyInk.com. Oooh, the numbers on the car are from Varsity Letter. ☺

All together now.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!!!!!!!!!!

i ♥ you big brother!

B-day HUGS!
♥ Nikki ♥


  1. What a great card!! I'm sure your brother will love it!! :)

  2. Well, for a split second, I thought maybe you knew about Nascar...LOL. I only do because I live with a Nascar nut! He loves anyone that drives a FORD! This doesn't include Jeff Gordon but I love the card anyway.

    I HAVE to get Everyday Paper Dolls! Dress Up doesn't include all the images that I want.


  3. Toooo cute you did a very nice job!!

  4. What a great card. he will love it and you for doing it. Fantastic, Nikki! I got my card yesterday, thanks!!!!

  5. It is wonderful! I am sure he`ll love it. TFS :)


  6. This is a great card that was very well done. Congrats.

    Barb from Toronto, Canada


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