Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi there

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY! This card was made entirely with the Lovely Floral Cricut Lite cartridge. I LOVE this cartridge! Not only does it have a gorgeous font, it has a bunch of really pretty images too. I used Cher a.k.a. my Gypsy to weld the scalloped circles together to create my card base. So, that's the card for today...Onto some other info for ya's......

I spent a few hours yesterday going back and labeling my posts so I could have a list of my projects made with specific cricut cartridges. So, on the right side of my blog there are now clickable links that will take you  directly to projects made with whatever cartridge you would like to see. The list is NOT complete as I have WAY more cartridges than are listed so far! I have a sickness, I admit it! ☺ I plan on trying to make and post a project from EVERY SINGLE ONE of my cartridges so that the list can be complete. PHEW I'm tired already! HA I am sad to admit that I have a few older cartridges that have never been used! That is PATHETIC! LOL So, I'm going to dust them off and give them their chance to shine in the glistening lime green glow of the cricut dude! ☺

Have a Fan-Flippin'-Tastic weekend!

P.S. I am off to hobby lobby to get a few copies of Scrap and Stamp magazine because and the design team have a 2 page layout in it! How fun is that?! I am bursting at the seams with Peachy Pride! ☺

P.P.S. My friend Emma from MyCreativeTime announced her DVD today! Super duper fun! SO HAPPY FOR YOU MISS EMMA!!! ☺

Ok, for realsies...I'm really going shopping now. HAHAHAHA


  1. What a great idea.. I love being able to look at projects from a particular cartridge. I know what ya mean tho about having carts you haven't used, unfortunately I am in the same boat. (very sad) Thanks for all you do.. I love your blog.

  2. This is a GORGEOUS card! I love the colors together! I hear ya, I have some older carts I haven't used too, and yet I keep wanting MORE! It is an addiction!

  3. Love this card! So cute! I also adore how you accent so many of your cards with white stitching. I have tried to incorporate more of that into my own work as well, see as how much I love seeing it on yours! Thanks for all the inspiration. And great idea listing the cricut projects!

    tamara bennett

  4. Love the card!! It is so so soooooo cute! The faux stitching is the perfect addition!

  5. Another beautiful card!!!! You are so good at the it!!!


  6. i am seeing a movie in the making - Nikki and Cricuit...............?

    i miss the basket in you header, but i love what you are using, so totally perfect!

  7. I hope you had fun shopping. This is a great card. I have cartridges I havent used too and I feel like a bad cartridge mommy. EH! lol

  8. Oh this is a super cute card! Maybe i will consider that cart now! :) have a great weekend!

  9. So pretty :) I love how you put that cute little sailor girl as your banner !.. and always love the music too, but MOST of all, I LOVE YOUR CARDS !!!! You rock !!!

  10. THANK YOU MISS NIKKI for your shout out!! I APPRECIATE that! Darn, you are making me WANT this cart now!! I guess I'll be @ as soon as I'm done typing this!! lol.... I LOVE your card my friend!!

  11. completely adorable all around :)

  12. Super cute!

    Team Craftwell


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