Thursday, July 29, 2010

ATV card

Betcha thought I wasn't gonna post a card today, huh?! Well, BAM, here's a card. ☺ Two manly cards in a row! WEIRD! LOL This card was made with the Dude Cricut Lite cartridge. You will be well served to let your Gypsy help you with this atv cut. Cher and I hid contours on the handlebars because they cut so thin they just ripped. But, other than that, super easy cut! ☺

I hope to "see" and "talk" to you tonight over at My Pink Stamper's Pajama Party Ustream event at 8pm Central time!!! I am super stoked dudettes!!! I sure hope my "bestie" Emma makes it in time...Stupid airline troubles! BOO! ☺

Here is the direct link to Robyn's channel

See ya later alligators!
♥ Nikki ♥

p.s. So happy your package got to you Kimmy!!! ☺ Have fun playin!!!


  1. I wasn't putting this card on my wishlist, but it is now! Curses!!! Your card looks awsome ( (And it was great when we FINALLY got to see Peachy Keen on the stream earlier!)

  2. THis is SOOOOO CUTE!

    nice chatting with you over on MPS live tonight!

    Lori a.k.a. eeyorestayl

  3. Too cute! So great chatting with you tonight! It was fun, even though no MPS! ;D

  4. Your stitching is AMAZING! How do you keep it so uniform and consistant? Enjoying your music as always. :)


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