Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SUPER FUN NEWS!!!! ...and a card

Drum-roll......I have 2 projects featured in this Gypsy A to Z DVD by AboveRubiesStudio! I am so HAPPY! :o) I had to pop it in and take some pics of my projects on my tv...LOL...I know I'm crazy! HAHAHA
I know it looks like I live in a cave, but I made it dark in my living room so I could get pictures. I AM A HUGE DORK! HAHAHAHAHA    If you have the Gypsy you should totally get this DVD to get the most out of your Gypsy.

Thanks for letting me flip out on you for a minute! HAHA But back to business...Here's my card for today ;o)

I used my Gypsy to make this cupcake shaped card. The cupcake and it's fixin's are from the Create-a-Critter cricut cartridge. Just a simple card made a tiny bit more fabulous with the addition of googlie eyes. ;o) Gotta love googlies!

A HUGE THANKS to Megan @ Aboverubiesstudio.com {and her scrubby!} I am just tickled pink to be included on your AWESOME DVD! :o)

If I have "enabled" enough...You can purchase Gypsy A to Z.... HERE

I hope you're having a GREAT DAY!

P.S. Sorry the video is cut off...You can watch the full thing HERE


  1. Congrats! I would be super excited if my projects were in a video:) I LOVE my gypsy, and since I got it that is all I use. I just love that I can lay everything out and see how it looks! However, I know that there is much more that I can do with it...so this DVD is exactly what I need. You enabler...going to purchase it right now. Need to purchase some more kraft card stock too!:) Have a great day Nikki.

  2. Congratulations! Your not a dork at all, and look at those adorable creations?! Fantastic. :)

  3. I bought this dvd and Im still dont understand how to size my images for the layers :( Your work is terrific...I have to keep watching my video and try to figure this out :)

  4. Congrats Nikki! How exciting! I have the DVD but haven't had a chance to watch yet. Can't wait!! Love your cupcake shaped card! So so cute!!! :)

  5. Super cute cupcake card!! Congrats for AtoZ DVD cards you deserve it, your cards are sooooo cute!!

  6. Congrats Nikki - your projects are beautiful. Ü

  7. Congrats thats awesome!!! I hope to be ordering this soon, just got my Gypsy!

  8. HOW AWESOME, Nikki!! Congratulations, GIRL!! Your cards are adorable!! LOVE EM ALL!! You so deserve to be recognized!! I am so happy for you!! Lots of Love and Hugs, Kathy

  9. Nikki that is wonderful news and thanks for sharing the excitement with us!! Awesome, Girl!!
    Hugs, Janice

  10. That is so awesome Nikki Congrats!! you are so not a dork, I would be doing the same....or wait am I a dork too.....no no we are not dorks LOL!!!


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