Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you Card and Hubby's care package

Hi! Here is just a quick little card I made with the bunny from the Easter Egg Words and Bunnies  set and the "Thank you" is from the Springtime Mini's set. Both sets are from peachykeenstamps.com
I stamped all over my hubby's Easter care package with the new Easter stamps from peachykeen. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
This box is FULL of candy...I just did fun Easter grass and eggs on the top. Psst...looks like Jinxy wants in on the Eastery goodness! Either that or she misses her Daddy so much she wants to get mailed to him. ;o)

Happy "Lost" day...aka...confusion hour! LOL...still love that show even though I AM SO CONFUSED!!!! hehehehe



  1. Very VERY CUTE my friend!!! You are AWESOME!! I love how you stamped the box for your man!!!

  2. I agree with Emma! Total cuteness and the stamped box is a nice touch!!

  3. I have to echo that I love that you stamped the box!!! That is awesome. The card is ADORABLE too!

  4. What an awesome care package. He's going to love it! And the Broccoli was such a fun card! Your comments on my blog are so funny that milk almost came out my nose this morning when I was reading them. Thanks for a fun part of my day!

  5. That photo with Jinxy is just too funny! I bet your hubby will love his care package! The broccoli is just so healthy looking - you did a great job coloring! Thanks for all the great posts. I love your blog. Pam

  6. Look at Jinxy.......sooooo cute, love the stamped box.
    Love your blog Nikki.

  7. I like the pictures of the bunnies and how did you get those bunnies on the cardboard? I love it


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