Saturday, March 13, 2010

Team Edward Cards

Hi peeps! Here are a few different versions of the Team Edward cards I made for a few of my fellow "Twi-heart" friends to celebrate the upcoming release of New Moon on DVD. I just ADORE this sweet Edward stamp from The Greeting Farm. CUTE right??!!!
So I made a few extra in case any of you would like to gift them (maybe with the DVD) to any Twilight saga lovers in your life. They are pop dotted to death and chock full of dimension {see last picture} if you want on the SECURE paypal buttons on the right sidebar. ;o) Card will come in a protective mailer with self sealing envelope. 

I have to point out that as I compose this post, Twilight is on in the background! LOL...I just CAN NOT get enough Edward Cullen! I have trouble dealing with the fact that he's a fictional character! HAHAHA...



  1. Yes its a very cute card! love those stamps. Im going to have to get them too. TFS!

  2. Really cute, I am getting an Edward stamp! My daughter's love the Twillight series. Have a great weekend..Marjo

  3. So super cute!! I love love love the Twilight series. I was such a total Edward fan in the books. I'm kinda sad with the movies though :(
    I guess because I had Edward pictured so differently in my mind. I guess that's how it goes with books turned into movies. Don't get me wrong, I'm still buying all of the movies!! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love it, thats awesome! Your so scrapinfantastic at it! I think of you every time I watch Twlight, if you didnt live so far away we could watch it together, since our hubbies are both gone so much! Love ya sister! Awesome scrappin and website!

    love ya!

  5. I have never read Twilight or any of those books or seen the movies... but this has got to be one of the cutest ideas ever!!! ADORABLE!!!!

  6. This is so cute Nikki! I am totally Team Edward too!


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