Friday, August 7, 2015

My Copic Storage

Hello! Happy Friday to you! I wanted to share my Copic marker storage today because the company, Stamp-N-Storage, that makes these Marker Nooks announced a great new rewards program today! If you sign up through my link HERE, you help me to earn points and you get 10% off your first purchase! Score! The units I have for Copic storage are the Marker Nooks For IKEA Expedit/Kallax. They fit perfectly in the cubbies. They have this unit in another size as well. I have all but 10 or 20 of the Copics, and they are so easy to store by color family in these Marker Nooks! I would also like to point out that I have Copics in all the body styles, and they all fit great! Stamp-N-Storage has lots of other great storage solution for all of our creative gear. :) I really can't say enough about how well these units are made! I plan to paint mine black to match my IKEA unit. 

Again, if you sign up through my link HERE, you help me earn points...and you SAVE 10% on your first order. :) I hope you have a super awesome weekend!!! I'm waiting on the mail dude to bring me new goodies. :)

♥ Nikki ♥ 

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  1. I have several of the ink storage units from stamp n storage and I love them! Would love to see more pix of your craft room .


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