Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cricut Explore vs. Cricut Expression Cut Comparison

Hello! It's here, IT'S HERE!!! :) Here is the picture I snapped with my phone last night when I took my new Cricut Explore out of the box. :) I knew that when I got the machine, I wanted to do some comparison cuts with it and my trusty old Cricut Expression. I was always disappointed in the way a circle and a scalloped circle cut with my Expression, so I knew that is what I would compare. I also compared an intricate scalloped circle design. I used some of THIS cardstock from Walmart to really put both machines to the test with not so great cardstock. Here I cut this design from the Cindy Loo cricut cartridge...
I cut them both at the same size {4 inches}, but the Explore did a much better job. The Cricut Explore is a much more detailed cut. Look at the little heart on the bird's head. The scallop around the outside is more even. What I found with all the cuts I made, is that the Explore actually cuts true to size. The Expression cuts everything just a little bigger than the actual size selected. {No this wasn't a sizing/real dial size mistake by me...I know my way around a Cricut} ;)
I used the Cricut Craft Room Basics cartridge for my circle and scalloped circles cuts. I cut the circle at 2 inches with both machines. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the Expression cuts a wonky circle. And again, it's bigger than the circle the Explore cut. 
Here is where you can really see the difference! I cut both at 2.25 inches. Look how perfectly the Explore cut! Again, the Expression's cut is wonky, and those scallops look terrible. 

In addition to being extremely impressed with how the Explore cuts, I am in LOVE with the Design Space program you use with it. It is incredibly simple to use. And the best part??? You can cut SVG's with it! I've already loaded all my SVG's into Design Space, and if I can do that, you KNOW it's incredibly simple! ;)

So there it is. My 2 cents on the new Cricut Explore. And if you feel the need to get one yourself, it's on sale again for $199 HERE at Walmart. :) {that's where I got mine}

♥ Nikki ♥


  1. Fab...the scallops always used to drive me bonkers...huge improvement!

  2. It's official.....I really do hate you!!!! JK!!! Love you to pieces! Great comparison. Thanks for the enabling. Now.....where can I find 200 bucks?!??! ;)

  3. Awesome comparison!! Thanks so much Nikki! Hugs!!

  4. Awesome! Love the NORMAL looking scallops!!!

  5. WOOO HOOO and CONGRATS!! Welcome to the Explore Family. Oh girl you are in for the treat of your life....OMG it is one awesome machine. Can't wait to see what you create with it. How Exciting....Merry Early Christmas!!!

  6. Thank you for this Nikki. I have always hated cutting circles and scallops on my Expression too. I'm hoping Santa is bringing me an Explore for Christmas. Glad to hear you like it.


  7. Your blog is my google for paper crafting. I was seeing if the Expression cartridges work on the Explore.

  8. I'm guessing that both machines cut the same size range from .25" to 23.5" and all other major considerations the same. It's simply the quality of the cut that is different? I'm looking to buy my first one and would like the best one that is currently available.

    Thank you,



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