Thursday, December 30, 2010

My FAVORITE cards of 2010

So, looks like lots of bloggers are picking their top ten cards from 2010...So I figured I would too! This leprechaun card was my FIRST creation with my gypsy!!! And it is on the Gypsy A-Z dvd from Click HERE to see the original post.
I just LOVE this elephant!!! Click HERE for original post.

I am STILL super proud of this one...LOVE that ducky...Click HERE for original post.

Click HERE for original post.

I ♥ this one!!! Click HERE for original post.

This deer is so cute with a peachy face! Click HERE for the original post.

Of course I LOVE this one! Click HERE for original post.

Gotta show some kitty love! Click HERE for original post.

 I ♥ this lil' owl. Click HERE from original post.

Hehe. Click HERE for the original post.

Ok, I picked 11! COULD HAVE PICKED MORE! LOL. Click HERE for original post.

Ok, I'm stopping now! LOL Click HERE for original post.

I hope you're having a GREAT day!!!

♥ Nikki ♥


  1. these are super cute! bythe way thats my and my daughter favorites movie!

  2. your cards are all so cute. Can't wait to see what 2011 will bring for you.

  3. GREAT CARDS! Love your work and can't wait to see more of it in the new year. :)

  4. You have NEVER EVER made a card I didn't absolutely LOVE!! They are ALL my favorites! Thank you so much for inspiring me, I look forward to your blog everyday!
    got2bcrafting at gmail dotcom

  5. I love all of them!!! Their so cute! Love the new music :)

  6. All of your cards are adorable! Love them all. Would love some of your files and/or directions.

  7. All 11 are soooo awesome Nikki!! I wouldnt be able to pick only 10 of your cards either!

  8. I love all of these!! Such a great year!

  9. ALL of your cards are my FAVORITE!!! you are the BESTEST EVA!!!!!!
    Big HUGs,

  10. ABSOLUTELY... ALL MY FAVS!! Your cards just ROCK!! Love ya, KA-NIKKI!! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
    Love, Kathy

  11. So cute! I LOVED the grad card with the apple and the worm. I might just have to scrap lift that idea. :)


  12. These are all so awesome!! You crack me up with the fact that you always have the perfect song to go with your posts!! LOL

    Happy New Year!!

    Thanks for all your inspiration!!! Love your work/blog!!


  13. I just love your best cards! Thanks for sharing your aweseom talent!!

  14. They are all so adorable. I think you could even subdivide the cards too. You could do your "spanish" ones too. I love all your cards.

    Heres to a Safe and Happy New Year!!!!

  15. I love your Leprechaun! I love that everyone is posting thier favorites, I can see what I've been missing! I only recently starting looking at card blogs, and I am getting so inspired!

  16. Every one of 'em a total winner Nikki!!
    You clever girl you! Love Viv xxx

  17. They are all gorgeous!! My favorite is the little birdie!! Just beautiful, everyone of them!

    Cricutting Wendy


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