Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Punkins!!!

As promised, here are our pumpkins! I used the Pumpkin Carvings cricut cartridge to cut our stencils. I did the one on the left, and my scrubby did the vamp. I MADE him do a vamp because he was crackin' on me this morning for watching Twilight for the BILLIONTH time! HAHAAH!
Here's mine...You can see the holes I made around it with the POWER DRILL...HEHEHEHE!!!

Here is Scrubby's! With all his wise crackin', he forgot an eyebrow! LOL Still REALLY COOL though! So there are our pumpkins. I have the seeds soaking in a salt bath and I will roast them tomorrow. MMM... Then I'm thinking maybe seed treat bags for scrubby's co-workers...IF he will share! LOL


♥ Nikki ♥


  1. really cute pumpkins. My husband is retired Navy. He retired in 1990. Enjoy visiting your blog.

    Vickie in N.C.

  2. These are really cool pumpkins. I guess I try my hand at pumpkin carving next year. Smooches...


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